Camvol does not charge any fee for its support services.

Camvol offers support and guidance through the period leading up to departure, during placement, and after volunteers return to the UK.

Camvol has partnered with the Cambridge Malaysian Education and Development Trust (CMEDT) and is able to provide funding of up to £500 per student (Camvol CMEDT Commonwealth Travelling Scholarships).

These scholarships support costs associated with the projects, and are available for a limited number of students. Applications for financial support will be judged on their merits. If a student is unable to take up a placement, they will be required to return any scholarship sum that has been awarded. Students are encouraged to discuss their financial needs with their Colleges, and other sources of support, as early as possible.

IMPORTANT: Camvol requires volunteers to pay a fully refundable deposit of £200 to secure the placements, and this will be payable no later than 4 weeks after an offer has been made. If this deposit has not been sent to Camvol by the required deadline, the offer will be withdrawn. A deposit is required because last-minute withdrawals affect accommodation, and deny other candidates the opportunity to avail of placements. The deposit cheque will not be cashed, and any funds paid as deposit will be fully refunded on completion of the placement. If candidates withdraw from a placement once a place has been confirmed, the deposit will not be refunded.

What services does Camvol provide?

  • Identifying appropriate host organisations and liasing with them to create suitable volunteering opportunities.
  • Recruiting and interviewing volunteers, producing relevant materials, managing the website, and providing information to prospective applicants.
  • There are legal obligations and associated costs related to supporting volunteers, for which Camvol is responsible.
  • Camvol provides personalised volunteer support before, during and after the placements.
  • Camvol provides detailed information to the volunteers, and arranges an orientation prior to departure.

What advice can I expect to receive?

  1. Detailed information regarding placements in India/Nepal.
  2. Information about travel grants, including information about the Camvol CMEDT Commonwealth Travelling Scholarships.
  3. Health information.
  4. Travel and visa advice.
  5. Insurance advice.
  6. Financial and budgetary details.
  7. A briefing session, and an orientation day.
  8. Information pack about India/Nepal.
  9. Logistical support.
  10. Arrangement of accommodation in India/Nepal (for which volunteers need to pay separately).
  11. Support while at the placement.
  12. Opportunity for post placement feedback.

What do volunteers have to do?

  1. Book their own flights.
  2. Arrange for a relevant Indian/Nepali visa.
  3. Get appropriate travel and health insurance.
  4. Arrange for vaccinations, and any other health-related issues associated with travel to India/Nepal.
  5. Sign a disclaimer before departure.