Who are Nai Disha?

Nai Disha Educational & Cultural Society is an NGO that works to provide children and women from low-income backgrounds a platform to become free-thinking, independent and empowered individuals. They believe that everyone should receive quality education and equal opportunities, irrespective of their birth and social status. Based in Kishangarh, New Delhi, Nai Disha reaches out to the members of their local community to identify their individual needs. The NGO works to provide the residents of Kishangarh with the necessary support and learning to help them to develop holistically, and to improve their quality of life. Nai Disha currently runs programmes in education, women’s empowerment, community outreach, skill development and health.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/NaiDishaIndia/

Why Nai Disha?

Teaching and working on these projects will provide you with the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, from communication, to curriculum development to data analysis etc. However, most importantly, you will directly see the impact that Nai Disha’s work is having on the local community, from interacting with Kishangarh’s residents daily. You will have the chance to work with everyone from Nai Disha’s teachers, to the students, to the governing board, meaning you will understand how NGOs operate on every level. Previous volunteers have commented on how welcoming and warm the atmosphere at Nai Disha is, and how much they value the relationships they built during their time there.

Possible volunteering opportunities

Nai Disha would like you to spend half of your day interracting with the children. You will have the opportunity to create your own lesson plans around topics that interest you and your classes. You will be able to teach across a range of ages and abilities, and you will very quickly build strong relationships with the children you are teaching. As Nai Disha advocates a holistic approach to education, there will be chances for you to involve yourself in extra-curricular activities, such as dance, music, drama and sport.

The rest of your time will be spent working on Nai Disha’s existing programmes, devleoping new projects, running social media accounts and helping with administrative tasks. Some of the projects that past volunteers have worked on have included:

  • Publicising the conversion of the local dumping ground into a community park;
  • Introducing a fellowship programme;
  • Designing spoken English courses;
  • Developing Nai Disha’s website.

Preferred skills

  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Should like working with children

Approximate cost

You should expect to spend about £1250 for eight weeks - this covers costs for food and accommodation, as well as local travel. There are no programme fees payable to Camvol.

In addition to these local costs, volunteers will need to book return flights to India (typically about £550 if booked early), and apply for an Indian visa, as required by the Indian government (for visa procedures and exact fees, please check the Indian visa facilitation service website.

Vaccination and other medical costs have NOT been included in estimated costs, and applicants should take this into account while planning their budgets. If you intend to travel for recreation and tourism, these costs will be additional, so please budget accordingly.

Financial support is available, including Camvol-CMEDT Commonwealth Travelling Scholarships; support from Colleges; and from the University. If selected, the Camvol Director can advise about funding opportunities.