Aasraa Trust was established in 2009, working under the Bindal bridge with a riverside slum community in the Dehradun city. Aasraa started with 35 children and now works with over 9000+ children across 65+ projects in Dehradun, Udham Singh Nagar and Pauri Garhwal districts of Uttarakhand, India.

Aasraa focuses on society’s most underprivileged and vulnerable children, helping them with a multifaceted approach through education, skills training, nutrition, healthcare and shelter homes. Starting with street level mobilization, Aasraa prepares children for mainstream education and transition to higher studies & skills training. Aasraa works with the Education Department of the state of Uttarakhand to improve the quality of education in government schools. Aasraa is certified by India’s National Institute of Open Schooling -Open Basic Education (NIOS-OBE). It is an accelerated educational program for students who don’t meet the age eligibility to get enrolment in formal schools.

Aasraa runs its own skills training centre called Skillability. Here, Aasraa trains and equips the underserved youth with necessary skills for gainful employment. From Mobile Learning Centres to Mobile Computer Labs, technology has enhanced Aasraa’s innovative educational interventions. Aasraa has also built shelter homes that provide a safe space for orphaned, abandoned, abused and special needs children.

Website: www.aasraatrust.org

Possible Volunteering Opportunities

  1. Writing and communications: Develop content and branding materials tailored to each of Aasraa’s projects; compile a comprehensive document addressing frequently asked questions for Aasraa; ideate, prepare and create Aasraa’s Coffee Table Book; assist in crafting ready-to-use templates for sending thank-you letters upon receiving receipts, proposals, and introductory documents to donors; design a newsletter template for Aasraa.
  2. Social media: Work with the communications team to streamline Aasraa’s social media presence. Contribute your skills in writing, graphic design, photography, or videography to create engaging content for the NGO's website, social media channels, newsletters, or promotional materials.
  3. Administration and fundraising: Utilizing writing abilities to support administrative tasks and fundraising efforts. Assist in researching funding opportunities, drafting grant proposals, organizing fundraising campaigns, or cultivating donor relationships.
  4. Curriculum and teaching: Collaborating with Aasraa’s teachers to design the curriculum; assisting in English instruction for children and aiding teachers in integrating English into their lessons; contributing innovative methods of teaching through avenues such as art, music, drama, and sports.

Preferred skills

  • Commitment to working with children (prior experience in working with the underserved will help the volunteers mingle with the children and the community easily)
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to think out of the box
  • Ability to bring creative solutions to problems

Approximate cost

You should expect to spend about £1500 for eight weeks - this covers costs for food and accommodation, as well as local travel. This includes the £200 programme fee payable for Camvol support.

In addition to these local costs, volunteers will need to book return flights to India (typically about £750 if booked early), and apply for an appropriate visa, as required by the Indian High Commission (for visa charges, please check the Indian visa facilitation service website for exact fees).

Vaccination and other medical costs have NOT been included in estimated costs, and applicants should take this into account while planning their budgets. If you intend to travel for recreation and tourism, these costs will be additional, so please budget accordingly.

Some financial support for summer charitable work, internships and volunteering is available via Colleges and from the University. If selected, the Camvol Director can advise about funding opportunities.