Martha Daniels, Sewa Bharat (New Delhi)

My internship with SEWA Bharat has inspired me to pursue a career related to international development in the future. I would like to do a Masters’ degree in international development, and I hope to apply for internships with more NGOs and with the UN. I am also interested in the Civil Service and in particular the Department for International Development. Working with SEWA Bharat has given me an insight into how worthwhile and rewarding it would be to work for an organisation that helps some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Joe Elkington, Action Aid (New Delhi)

My placement at Action Aid was very rewarding. They gave me a lot of challenging work to do and made me feel a valued member of their organisation, more than just an intern. They gave me a lot of responsibility and made me feel like a part of the team. I would highly recommend ActionAid.

James Kirkham, ICIMOD (Nepal)

My internship in Nepal was one of the most rewarding things that I've done. The country is beautiful, culturally diverse and is home to some of the friendliest people I've met. The working environment at ICIMOD was dynamic, involved and has allowed me to conduct work that will ultimately be published in a scientific journal. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone, and would go back and go through the whole experience again in an instant.

Tom Blanchard, Observer Research Foundation (New Delhi)

The ORF is a not-for-profit, multidisciplinary public policy think tank with an Indian focus. I’d had a longstanding interest in doing policy work, especially in development, so being able to have the opportunity to work for the ORF whilst living in Delhi for the summer was invaluable and has reinforced my desire to work in development and volunteer abroad again in the future. The ORF, as one of India’s leading think-tanks, put on numerous academic events during my internship; from talks to book reports to debates and conferences. Due to the prestige of the organisation, the ORF attracted a range of speakers, academics, journalists and ambassadors – with the ambassador to Syria’s appearance even attracting TV cameras to the office. The multidisciplinary nature of the ORF’s focus meant that these events covered a variety of subjects: international relations, domestic politics, economics, climate change, security and even space mining. As a result, I learnt about a range of issues to which I had little prior knowledge, for example current Indian political developments - particularly foreign policy concerns, which in the case of Pakistan and China seemed numerous and also of Modi’s somewhat controversial premiership. The latter sentiment was echoed by the several Indian interns I worked alongside, who gave me an invaluable insight into not only political feeling amongst students but also life in India and Delhi. From designing a diet to ease me into Indian food and avoid the dreaded Delhi belly, to showing me around, whether it be a local bar, jazz club or even driving me to the Taj Mahal, they really helped me settle into the office and living in Delhi.

Matt Lees, ICIMOD (Nepal)

My two month internship at ICIMOD was an incredible experience. The work was varied, relevant and extremely interesting and has encouraged me to apply my degree to development work in the future. Living and working in Nepal was really special, and I loved the challenges and experiences it provided. I cannot recommend it enough to future students! Thanks to CamVol for coordinating and helping with preparation for a truly amazing summer.

Sarah Sheldon, Project Why (New Delhi)

Project Why is an exceptional NGO which, having spent 8 weeks with, I fully believe is doing brilliant work with the children and families in and around Okhla. The Centers are well run by honest, hard-working and friendly local people who are used to having volunteers but were still very good at explaining everything and showing us around Delhi. The kids are brilliant and I really enjoyed being there and seeing their optimism about the future and resilience in a difficult environment.

Felix Koninx, Grassroots (Kumaon)

I would sincerely like to thank Camvol for the support they gave me to carry out this interesting and challenging internship . Staying in a homestay added to the experience considerably. Our hosts were incredible and never failed to amaze me with their kindness and generosity. I hope many more students have the opportunity to go to Grassroots in the future.

Siobhan Eastman, CEDAR (Dehra Dun)

My time in Dehra Dun provided me an insight into working in the charity sector, while helping me to experience a summer working abroad. My time away provided a range of challenges, from adjusting to the more slow pace of work and finding out what CEDAR needed from me, to settling into the local culture. The office staff at CEDAR were friendly and welcoming.. The work was interesting and engaging, plus the coordinator allowed me to make up hours so that I could travel at the weekends. If I were to complete the experience again, I would make sure to ask for background reading before attending the placement. Overall this was a wonderful experience over the summer, and being prepared is integral for making the experience worthwhile!

Alexander Latcham-Ford, Centre for Equity Studies (New Delhi)

During my summer work at CES I not only developed invaluable skills in a wide variety of academic and practical roles, I was afforded insight into the intricacies of the career I wish to pursue. It was really great to both see and experience the day-to-day activities and pressures involved in working for a social advocacy organisation. On top of all this everybody working there was extremely nice and welcoming - including the head of the organisation. This created an informal, comfortable atmosphere which allowed me to settle in much quicker in a foreign country.

Rachael Hore, Nai Disha (New Delhi)

I helped to prepare the maths syllabus at Nai Disha and made progress with new classes. The experience was rewarding because I was working with the same children for eight weeks and could see an improvement in their work. I thought the whole experience was fantastic and really appreciate the work done by Camvol for arranging it and helping to make it possible. I felt very lucky to have this opportunity.