Camvol promotes work and internship opportunities with some very well-reputed Indian organisations, which are known both nationally and internationally.

Placements will allow students to work and contribute to the ongoing development initiatives of these organisations. Although a summer placement is not a very long time, the exposure you will get through these opportunities is likely to be very rewarding.

Camvol takes volunteering both on the part of the volunteer and host organisation very seriously. Volunteering and hosting volunteers requires a deep commitment. Both the volunteer and host organisation are giving up their time and therefore need to be sure of what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Guidelines for volunteers

  • Prior to starting your placement, get as much information as you can. If you are uncertain about anything, ask questions.
  • Respect the effort going into providing information. Read everything thoroughly and keep all information carefully for future reference.
  • Respond to all correspondence/emails promptly.
  • Respect values and aims of organisation you are placed with.
  • Respect the time and effort taken by organisations to host volunteers.
  • Know what is expected of you by the organisation and don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications if unsure of anything.
  • Be clear about who to approach if there is a problem.
  • Be culturally sensitive.

Guidelines for host organisations

  • Respect the time and effort provided by the volunteers.
  • Be aware that in some cases it may be a volunteer's first exposure to India, and the work environment.
  • Make sure to use the volunteers as productively as possible in the time that they can offer. Define clear and meaningful roles for them.
  • Monitor the progress of the volunteers through regular scheduled online meetings.
  • Provide regular support and contact for volunteers while they are with your organisation.
  • Try and integrate them with others in your organisation, including in informal interactions.
  • Give clear instructions about who they can contact if there is a problem.
  • Thank and value volunteers.