Harsh Mander, Centre for Equity Studies (New Delhi)

I found the student interns from Cambridge serious-minded, very bright, and deeply engaged. They adjusted with grace to a very different culture, worked hard, and tried to be useful in work related to social exclusion and conflict which was very unfamiliar in its specific contexts. We have a mostly very young team in CES, and they made friends easily, and were a pleasure to have among us.

Sheeba Sen, Aarohi (Kumaon)

We found the Cambridge volunteers to be committed and focused through out their assignment at Aarohi. They were able to work independently and made an effort to mix with the office staff and their colleagues. We look forward to having them over again next year!!

Anou Bakshi, Project Why (New Delhi)

For the past 6 years Project Why has been welcoming volunteers from Cambridge through Camvol. I would like to commend the organisation on their selection process as every volunteer that has come has been excellent.! They spend six to eight weeks with us and leave fond memories in the hearts of the children and the staff. Despite language barriers every volunteer was able to establish communication with the Project Why staff without a problem and even bond with them.

Volunteering with Project Why involves working in slums in hot and uncomfortable conditions and is not an easy task, but each student has contributed in their own special way, without any complaints. They brought creative and interactive methods of teaching English that are still followed by our staff, and lots of fun and laughter that the children still remember.

But I think that what sums up what we all feel are the words of a student on the last day of one of the volunteers’ stay: ‘We are so grateful because you came all the way from England just to help us.’ Lastly, the students have remained in touch with us and have continued to support us and that is something we truly value.

Malavika Chauhan, Himmothan Society (Dehra Dun)

Overall, the experience was good. The students developed reports and presentations on on-going projects, which can be used further. Our field teams and partner organisations interact with the students, giving them an exposure to other cultures and viewpoints. The students often raise pertinent points and suggestions, which can be expanded upon. They are a huge help in things like developing communication items, documents, and helping partner organisations re-do their websites, etc.